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0x90 is an international team that has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years. It has always looked at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective. 

Different from traditional incubators and other operating companies, 0x90 is known as a corporate doctor and a super screenwriter in the blockchain business because of the "24- Frame Deconstruction Method" to think and operate a project. So it has unique skills and reputation in project planning and execution. 



Since 2017, 0x90 team has gathered in Thailand. Since then, they have been working hard in the blockchain industry for many years and constantly exploring, always focusing on operation. The fields involved in the 0x90 team include public chains, media, exchanges, mining, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and investment.

The team has a global educational background, and has made achievements in Internet business before entering the cryptocurrency industry. Since the integration of the team, we have implemented the operation and development of 120 projects, including self-operated projects and outsourcing projects, as well as nearly 100 consulting businesses. Several well-known projects still active in the blockchain world were built by us.

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